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Your Dreams in Wood by James Lukow

The source for your artisan crafted modern heirlooms and unique gifts.

Décor items...

Here are those pieces that are the hallmark of custom woodworking adding a distinctive touch to your space.

Framed mirrors are usually one offs - the picture can be cited as a concept. Room screens can be customized - material or finish changed. Fabric panels can be omitted if client wishes to supply or sew their own.

Mirror Frames

Room Screens

Hanging Shelves

Other items

The images in these galleries are property of Your Dreams in Wood and appear for potential clients.

These are not existing items for sale - please see how you can purchase my product.

These designs are my living.

Thank you.

Gift ware

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Craft show schedule

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Colors cited in galleries are Minwax brand stains with a water based clear coat. Oil finish is Tried & True brand Danish oil. Unless otherwise stated . Currently we are blending our colours using Saman water-based stains.