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Your Dreams in Wood by James Lukow

The source for your artisan crafted modern heirlooms and unique gifts.

Why artisan furniture?

Artisan furniture allows you to know who made the piece. This is your connection to a maker - direct from their workshop to your home. You know where your money goes and lets you buy local / domestic.

What we offer . . .

If you are tired of buying items that are almost your style or almost what you want - a commissioned piece can be the answer.

Commissioned pieces from Your Dreams in Wood by James Lukow are designed for you with your input. Purchasing from me enables the purchase of hardware, supplies and domestic wood species from local sources - in this time of anonymous often foreign multinationals with little concern for your community.

When you buy that piece from a big box store it may be made from hard wood or veneer over something else. Often some assembly is required. This assembly allows suppliers to ship more stock to stores more cheaply. So for your unique design there are hundreds if not thousands of that piece of furniture in existence. A commissioned piece can make that design you've seen truly yours . . .

Quality furniture was never meant to be knocked down and be dependent on how well hardware is tightened - quality furniture has always used good joinery and materials for strength. Remember crawling under a table to tighten that wobbly leg . . .

Birth of a Cabinet . . .

Matching an existing piece . . .

Artisan furniture allows you to match an existing piece of furniture. In the example below you will see a wall shelf that was created to mimic the existing side board below in. Just another advantage of artisan furniture.

Shop local . . .